søndag 7. april 2013

Blog is Opened again!

Hey there sexy LOL joking =P this blog was actually closed for one year or so o.o'' and today I thought about opening it again ^-^ The perpose of this blog was about free stuff in Stardoll of course and sometimes make-up video tutorials and maybe now about sc or sd outfits. Well if you see the rest of the old blog some of the old free stuff still work and now I am hiring writers. If you want to be one please contact me! You would really save my life C:

tirsdag 9. oktober 2012

Hey there ^^

Hello there :D 
Thank you for visiting my blog ^^ I wanted to tell you that now I am LOOKING for WRITERS and if you are interested in being a writer contact me :] My name in stardoll is Stardollsatara ^^ I would really love to have you here so have a nice day and consider about it :]

The girl/boy that will be a writer I will take a interview of her or of him :] bb <3

FREE Dress (Oktoberfest Campaign Gift)

We have already found the first 3 pieces of the second gift from the Oktoberfest Campaign and now the fourth one got revealed. 
If you click the 15th Gondola in the campaign which you can find here:
it will tell you to find the fourth piece.
In order to find the fourth piece..log in to stardoll and now go here:
As you see in the photo below the fourth piece is located right to the "Popular dress up games area"
Find it and click it. 

PS: If you cannot see it because of your screen press CTRL - on your keyboard 

( after clicking the piece press CTRL + to restore the screen again to the first size)

PS: In Case You missed the previous 3 pieces...here is where you can find them: 
1st) http://www.stardoll.com/en/user/album.php (on the right of your album comments area)
2nd) http://www.stardoll.com/en/account/index.php?show=settings (scroll a little...it is on the left side of your account settings - Close where it says "Get connected")
3rd) http://www.stardoll.com/en/party-chat/index.php (on the left the parties area)

Once you have collected all the pieces the dress will be in your suite(might take a while to arrive)

One last day left for Oktoberfest...what might be hiding in the last gondola?

Stay tuned...
Thanks again Underneath Stardoll

FREE Black Furby(Animated)

If you are from UK log into stardoll, click HERE find this on the page:

Click the write a question and click "Send Question...Done!!

If you are from anywhere else you HAVE TO use a manual proxy,otherwise there is no way to get it.

(If you do not know how to use manual proxies click
 ----> HERE <---  to learn. You have to FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN!!!!)
Used this:
IP: PORT: 3128
(could not find another working)
After setting the proxy go here:

LOG IN to stardoll!!

Find this:

Click the Submit button after you write a question or something and...Done!! ..cross off the proxy. 
Thank to Underneath Stardoll

FREE UGG Australia Poster

If you are from UK You already have it in your suite!!
If you are from anywhere else you need to use a web proxy, go to http://docoja.com/blue/ or webypass.info or  http://proxy-uk.stardoll-blog.de/ 

Paste this into the url bar of the proxy:

Hit enter or click "go" and just Log in to stardoll.
Wait for the page to load.Done. close the proxy and go to your suite. The poster will be there after a while.

Thanks to Underneath Stardoll

Celebrating 200 Million Members : Soon on Stardoll

Stardoll is getting ready to celebrate the 200 Million Members of the Site.
I'm guessing there will be some gifts :D
And as you see we are close:

New GlamR'US Released


Hey guys :] There is a new release of the jewellery shop GlamR'US and  yeah ^^ do you like it? will you buy anything?